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Engine Performance Modifications

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Car enthusiasts and gear heads desire to get as much out of every engine as possible. Customers from all over the U.S. contact John Talor, owner of Roadside Mobile Mechanic in Cleveland, TN, for his 20+ years expertise in engine modifications. 

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Engine Performance Modifications


Changing the cam to a performance model like something from Comp Cams or Summit Racing, can add as much as 100 hp to a  crate engine. To hit the 100 ponies, you have to get pretty aggressive. One option is a COMP 289LRR hydraulic roller cam. This cam offers a .624 lift, a 239/255 duration split at .050, and 114-degree lobe-separation angle(LSA). While a stock LS1  should handle this cam, we would advise adding JE forged pistons and 3.125 inch K1 rods for added strength. Be sure to use high performance rings with your new pistons.

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High Performance Heads


The stock heads of an LS1 have a port flow of around 250 cfm. Not bad for a stock engine, but adding a set of high-performance heads can get the port flow as high as 450 cfm, depending on the heads you buy and what material they’re made from (cast iron, aluminum). Keep in mind, the higher the port flow, the more the heads are going to set you back. Assuming that you changed to a high-performance cam, but used a set of ported factory cylinder head units rather than performance cylinder heads, you can let the pushrod length stand. Also, be sure that you have the right valve package, a multi-angle competition valve set-up, and valve springs that can support a high-performance cam up to 7,000 rpm.

If you’ve got this far, you might as well go even further and treat the engine to new intake manifolds, fuel injector, rocker arms, valve covers, valve spring, rod bearings, throttle bodies and throttle body overhaul, an upgraded water pump, oil pan, and more. At this stage though, you might as well opt for an aluminum block Chevy performance engine and scrap your original factory one.

NOS Nitrous


Ah, the most obvious of performance parts! Start with a basic single-nozzle wet nitrous kit.  Roadside Mobile Mechanic are the engine performance customization & installation experts.



There are dozens of companies that are building great superchargers that will fit your LS1 unit. Kenne Bell and ProCharger come to mind rather quickly. It doesn’t matter which manufacturer you go with, be sure to pop for a blower as well. The ideal system will be an all-in-one setup that comes complete with an air-to-air intercooler and a blow-off valve. 

If you add all of these mods to your engine, you could dyno around 715 hp and 620 lb-ft of torque. With a bit more in-depth engine knowledge or help from a professional, it is possible to boost an LS1 block engine well into the 900 hp range. 

John Talor, owner of Roadside Mobile Mechanic, is known for his LS expertise and engine performance upgrades with customers shipping him vehicles from all over the U.S. Based in Cleveland, TN, John is the one to contact for your engine modifications at 423-451-6417 call/text.